The Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science at Egerton University was created in 1987 when Egerton University College was upgraded to a fully-fledged University through the Egerton University Act of 1987, which has since been replaced by the Universities’ Act of 2012.

Since its inception, the department has grown into a strong unit occupying an ultra-modern building in the Physical Sciences Complex. Its well-equipped basic and research laboratories and a dedicated team of highly qualified technical and academic staff enables it to offer quality education and training to an increasing number of students of Physics and of other departments in the university. Our undergraduate Physics students undergo a unique and vibrant industrial attachment programme, which allows them to apply acquired knowledge and skills and connects them to the world of work and potential employers. The department has a strong postgraduate programme in three main areas: Geophysics, Material Science and Optical Physics and Lasers supported by active collaborations and partnerships with Geothermal Development Company (GDC), KIRDI and the Department of Physics, University of Nairobi within which staff and students conduct collaborative researches